When It Comes to Putting Pipe together, We have all heard from the old guys "I've been doing it that way for years and it's never leaked before!" Well they may be right.

Gaskets have changed over the Years. Many pipe fitters have used full-faced gaskets while others swear by ring gaskets.

When it gets right down to the rules (THE AWWA STANDARDS) they are very specific about the applications. In part the AWWA says.

"Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, gaskets shall be synthetic rubber, either ring or full face, and 1/8 in. (3.18 mm) thick. Gaskets shall conform to the dimensions shown in Table A1. When considering the, use of gaskets thinner than 1/8 in. (3.18 mm), and/or gaskets of materials other than synthetic rubber, the purchaser should contact the pipe manufacturer of fabricator concerning such gaskets suitability for a particular application."

All properly manufactured red rubber gaskets are made to the dimensional standards of the American Supply Association (ASA). These are the gaskets, referred to in Table A1 above, In the mid 80's the standard for flat gaskets was changed to include ``NEW" style gaskets specifically designed for steel welded flanged pipe.

The "NEW" style gasket has a larger inside diameter than the ``OLD" style. Although the New style assures a good clean fit when used with a steel welded flange, it is totally unacceptable with ductile iron flanged pipe.

Only an old style gasket will completely cover the face of the flange AND THE THREADED AREA where the pipe meets the flange. The inside dimension of the old style gasket exactly matches the inside diameter of the pipe. This ensures a good seal and extends the life of the pipe because it keeps the water away from the threads.

U.S. Pipe Fabrication stocks only gaskets that are old style 1/8 in. red rubber recommended by the AWWA standard C-115 Section A2. We want to be sure that when our pipe is put in place that it will be right and serve a long time without any problems or callbacks.

So, the next time somebody asks what gasket they should use.....THINK FAST!!!!!

Better for Ductile Iron Applications
Not good for Ductile Iron Applications


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