Sudden erosion presents a problem for Pennsylvania

Construction work is a precise and at many times a delicate balance of the project, and the infrastructure around it. Recently in Reading, Pennsylvania, a bridge repair project caused an imbalance in the terrain around it and necessitated attention in other areas of the local utilities. 

During the work on the local bridge, a cofferdam was constructed to assist in the repair work. The cofferdam then caused the local river to redirect and flow into areas normally untouched by the flowing water. The flowing water then caused severe erosion that was unexpected in the area surrounding parts of the bridge. The erosion then exposed an existing gas line and a 16-inch water line beyond the gas line.

An immense problem had developed; pipes that were originally supported by soil were now exposed with no support. The water main was ductile iron pipe with a standard push-on joint and was holding for the time being, but it could not be left as further erosion would cause a failure at any time.

When notified of this potential problem, Exeter Supply placed an emergency call to U.S. Pipe for a rush shipment of replacement pipe so that the water main could be moved and properly secured well beyond the erosion line.  U.S. Pipe sales and customer service teams jumped and coordinated with the customer quickly. Our production supply was ready, and we were able to get new TYTON JOINT® pipe loaded the same day the call was received. The pipe arrived within 24 hours of the call to the job site. 

The replacement pipe was TYTON JOINT pipe, which was a direct replacement for the previous line which had been in place for years with zero issues. The only addition was the FIELD LOK 350® gasket. A FIELD LOK 350 is a push-on joint restrained gasket that is utilized with the TYTON JOINT pipe and carries a working pressure rating of 350psi. This adds restraint to the traditional push-on gasket to keep joints from separating due to thrust forces. 

The quick response of the U.S. Pipe team and the ability to get pipe to Pennsylvania within 24 hours ensured that there were no major outages or catastrophes. The quick work by Exeter Supply ensured that water loss was not a concern during the bridge repairs.