Ductile saves the day when HDPE fails after 5 years

Ductile Saves the Day when HDPE Fails After 5 Years.

As the industry focuses on infrastructure improvements and expansions, the most common theme discussed is longevity and lifespans. The vast amount of money spent annually on infrastructure improvements is immense and no matter the size of the utility or city funding it, none are in the position to do these changes repeatedly in a short time period.

In Knoxville unfortunately, they are having to do exactly that. Hallsdale-Powell Utility was forced to remove its High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) after only five years of service due to failures throughout the pipe. The HDPE failed in various locations and was causing outages and continuous problems.

Polyolefin materials such as Polyethylene (HDPE) are inherently susceptible to oxidation by chlorine-based water disinfectants*.  This will drastically shorten the lifespan of HDPE causing premature failures and splits. 

The local utility decided they did not want to have to repair and replace their pipes every five years, so a much stronger and better alternative was chosen, ductile iron pipe. 6 inch and 8 inch TYTON JOINT® was installed in place of the failing HDPE and will last them much longer than five years. U.S. Pipe ductile iron pipe is manufactured with a cement mortar lining inside of the pipe to ensure the pipe and the water supply don’t improperly interact causing premature failure. 

This change will be a long-lasting improvement for the water supply in Hallsdale-Powell Utility’s line service, and for their customers as well. 

*- Source: www.hdpeoxidation.com