Handling, Cutting, and Field Repair Procedures


Glass lined piping requires no special handling procedures. As with any lined piping, it should not be lifted internally with hooks, forks, or chains to avoid damage to the glass lining. External lifting with forks, straps or cables is recommended. Glass lined pipe requires no special storage as it is unaffected by weather, temperature or sunlight.

External impact or vibration during handling will not affect the glass lining provided the base metal is not deformed or bent beyond the yield point of the metal itself.

Field Cutting

Sizes 4" - 10": Field cutting should be limited to one piece per run of pipe for closure purposes only. Cuts should be made using a band saw with a Lenox neo-type blade, '1/4" wide x '.125" thick x 18 teeth per inch, or finer, set at a speed of 100 feet per minute or faster. If the material is not forced against the blade, but set so that the cut is progressive in a natural way, chipping or spalling of the glass lining is held to a minimum. Occasionally, a chip may go back .030" to .060", but that is usually on an upward angle leaving the metal substrate protected with a cover of our ground coat or ceramic material. Pipe can also be cut with an abrasive high speed cutting wheel.

Sizes 12" & UP: Field cutting is NOT recommended for 12" and up glass lined pipe. Measures are taken during our glass lining process to maintain roundness of the pipe at the pipe ends. If pipe is cut more than 6" from either end, the piping may exhibit an out of round condition. This condition may cause difficulty in assembly and/ or sealing of the grooved or plain end. For this reason, these pieces should be ordered from our facility as finished fabricated prices.

Repair Procedures

All field repairs is based on judgment, however, repairs should be the exception rather than the rule. An occasional repair will not impair the function of the glass lined pipe, but an excessive amount could eventually encourage build up within the system.

We recommend the use of a repair kit ordered with your glass lined pipe for any minor chipping or spalling which occurs during cutting. The area to be repaired should be free of any loose materials and should be cleaned with a standard solvent to remove any grease or dirt. Use a 50/50 mixture of part "A" and part "B" of the epoxy repair material. Be careful to only mix the amount that will be used within a 15 minute time period. Once mixed the material will begin to set up very quickly.


Welding on glass lined material is not recommended.

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