Welded Steel Pressure Pipe (S-200)

All U.S. Pipe Welded Steel Pipe is manufactured per AWWA C200. The pipe isavailable in diameters from 32” (800 mm) O.D. up to 124” (3150 mm) O.D. It is mortar-lined in accordance with AWWA C205 for maximum durability and is available with polyurethane (AWWA C222) or tape (AWWA C214) coating.

Welded Steel Pipe is designed for internal pressure using the Hoop Stress Formula. For external loads and as a flexible pipe, steel pipe is designed using the Iowa Equation to estimate and limit pipe deflection. For handling purposes, minimum wall thickness should be considered to ensure limited deflection and damage during pipe handling.

The basis of design provides a safety factor comparable to other waterworks pipe materials for normal service conditions and surge or water hammer. The stress in the steel components at working pressure is limited to one half the yield strength of the steel.


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