SmartSPEAK at Club Auto Sport Learning outside of the standard classroom Enjoying the Hiller Aviation Museum for SmartSPEAK U.S. Pipe SmartSPEAK

SmartSPEAK is an innovative new way to provide exciting and new information around the Pipe and Waterworks Industry. While these are seminars in the most literal sense, they are much more than that.

Located in different areas of the United States, our SPEAKShops will incorporate peer-to-peer collaborative activities and industry experts in areas such as Potable Reuse, Sustainable Infrastructure Management, Condition Assessment Technologies, Corrosion Best Practices, Pipe Bursting Technologies, Seismic Applications, and MANY others! The SPEAKshop topics are created by customers engineers, and water system professionals via feedback to our SmartSPEAK Marketing Team.

COMING SOON! To the West Coast, Midwest States, and Southeastern States. If you would like more information on topics, where our next SmartSPEAK will be, or to request a SmartSPEAK in your area please email:

SmartSPEAK Cleveland Ohio, coming on November 2nd, 2017! Stay tuned for more details or email the address above to learn more.